Administrative Law is a branch of public law that regulates social relations in the sphere of public administration as well as those of a conflictual nature between public authorities or private legal entities that exercise public powers, such as the realization of a public interest, assimilated to public authorities, on the one hand, and those injured in their right by administrative acts of these authorities, on the other.

Our team provides Legal Advice, Assistance and / or Representation in a wide range of specific operations, such as:

  • Cancel unilateral administrative acts. Recognition of the claimed right and reparation of the damages caused;
  • Obligation on the authority to issue an act or to register, or to carry out a particular administrative operation, subject to penalties for delay or fines.
  • Concluding, modifying, interpreting, executing, canceling, terminating an administrative contract.
  • Execution of an administrative act issued.
  • Exception of illegality of an administrative act.
  • Repairing the damage caused by a decree declared unconstitutional.

Legal advice to the public authority in the phases preceding the issuance of the administrative act, in order to ensure its full compliance with the law, both in terms of procedural and substantive aspects;

Legal assistance and representation of natural and legal persons before the administrative and fiscal court, in substance and in appeal;

Drafting appeals to the contravention minutes.