Civil Law is the branch of law governing social-patrimonial and non-patrimonial relations established between natural and / or legal persons who are in a position of legal equality even when one of the parties is the state (as a private person and not as a public authority).

Our team provides Legal Advice, Assistance and / or Representation in a wide range of specific operations, such as:

Legal services – consultancy and representation in civil litigations:

  • consultancy when assessing the chances of success and when selecting the best solution;
  • mediating conflicts, reconciliation, arbitration;
  • wording and supporting civil actions in courts, in their different stages of development;
  • representation during civil litigations of any kind (declaratory actions, notice of claim, ownership, inheritance and partitions, termination of joint tenancy, evictions, enforcement of a judgement, levies of execution, cadastre, real estate registration, mortgage deletion, correction of real estate register excerpts, agricultural real estate-related actions, purchase agreements, donations, exchange, lease, bailment, lien, loan)
  • representation in courts;

Legal services – enforcement of a judgement:

  • consultancy and representation during the enforcement of a judgement, if granted a favourable court ruling;

Legal services – revendication of houses and lands:

  • consultancy and representation when revendicating houses and lands – nationalized buildings, notifications, in compliance with Law 247/ 2005;
  • evicting lodgers.

Legal services – wording civil agreements:

  • purchase agreements for fixed assets (houses, lands, apartments in Bucharest);
  • donation agreements;
  • loan agreements with or without mortgage;
  • dependency agreements and life annuity, with or without interest.

Legal services – analysis and approval of the legality of the civil agreements verified

Legal services – assistance during negotiations:

  • Assistance when negotiating civil agreements;
  • Assistance when solving disputes related to the breaching of contractual clauses and that of agreements, contract fraud, etc;

Legal services – solving civil litigations:

  • litigations related to the breaching of contractual rights or obligations;
  • litigations related to real estates and real estate investments;
  • litigations between owners and lodgers; eviction of lodgers;

Legal services – recovering debts:

  • legal assistance when recovering debts, in terms of the procedures applied in Romania;
  • wording demands for payment;
  • wording debtor notifications;
  • representing the clients in their relation with the debtors, during direct reconciliation;
  • amiably solving litigations through mediation and direct reconciliation;
  • tracking the debt payments made by debtors;
  • contacting the debtors by telephone, repeatedly;
  • written notification of the debtor’s employer;
  • enrolling the debtor on the black list of debtors;
  • legal assistance when enforcing a judgement, for creditors and debtors.

Legal services – inheritance:

  • assistance with legal, notary and will partition;
  • assistance when initiating the notary succession procedure and making an inventory of the succession goods;
  • wording statements of accepting/renouncing an inheritance;
  • obtaining the certificate of inheritance;
  • wording and delivering the claiming of an inheritance from the chart of heirs;
  • establishing the strategy in the legal partition process / procedure;
  • wording and delivering the termination of a joint tenancy;
  • wording and delivering the annulling of a certificate of inheritance;
  • assistance when the legal heirs of a deceased associate continue the activity of a company.