The concept of real estate designates the set of operations relating to the birth, modification or extension of legal relationships relating to one or more buildings.

Our team provides Legal Advice, Assistance and / or Customer Representation both in pre-contractual phase (Analysis of Documentation / Technical Project, Negotiations, etc.) as well as during the conclusion and execution of contracts.
For example, we mention that we provide legal services in relation to:
– Sales or Purchase of Real Estate / Donation;
– Analysis of the legal status of properties;
– Drafting of pre-contracts, sale-purchase, rental or mortgage contracts and assisting the public notary upon signing;
– Obtaining documents or information about the property in question;
– Obtaining cadastral documentation, ending registration, opening and / or changing the fiscal role;
– Any other formalities relating to the conclusion of transactions;
– Any aspect or conflict arising from housing or urban planning and building discipline;
– Property right and any other real rights;
– Inheritance rights;
– Resolution of sale and purchase contracts.