He is founding lawyer of the STOICA | LAWYERS.

Alin graduated from the Faculty of Law in 2015, and in the same year he enrolled and promoted the entrance examination in the lawyer’s profession, becoming a member of the Bucharest Bar Association (National Union of Romanian Bar Associations).

From the beginning of the faculty, knowing that he would choose the way of law, Alin was concerned with the accumulation of a more complex information baggage, participating in various internships and signing at the Constitutional Court, the Presidential Administration and the National Anti-drug Agency.

In 2016 he graduated Master’s degree in Business Law by developing his knowledge in the field of Commercial Law, Criminal Business Law, Insolvency, Labor Law and other related fields.

In 2017, Alin graduated from the Romanian Diplomatic Institute (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) and perfected his knowledge and skills related to the field of diplomacy.

The first steps in the lawyer’s profession were made in a well-known law firm in Bucharest, consolidating its professional experience by making a significant contribution to the successful resolution of most of the cases entrusted to him.

Alin then sets out to continue working independently as the owner of his own law firm, putting in practice his own visions and thus succeeding in shaping a new perspective of the existing law services on the Romanian market.

Besides Business Law, in its area of competence and the causes of Criminal Law, Malpraxis, Road Accidents, Discrimination, Freedom of Expression, or Freedom of the Press.

Alin is a member of several legal associations (including the Romanian Association of Penal Sciences, the Romanian Association of Medical Law, etc.) and is an active promoter of human rights and fundamental freedoms.