Road traffic accidents are extremely high material and moral events in terms of both victims and their authors.

Our team offers Legal Advice, Assistance and / or Representation in such cases, aiming to maximize the compensation that can be obtained from such an event:

  • Expenditure caused by the accident (transport, treatment, hospitalization, recovery, prostheses, etc. – according to medical prescriptions – documented with supporting documents);
  • Income that the person may no longer obtain during hospitalization and sick leave or which he or she may no longer have because of the decrease in the work capacity or even the complete disappearance of the person;
  • Expenditure on mediation or other care during the period of incapacity if the medical certificate is recommended;
  • Moral damages.

If, following car accidents, deaths have occurred, account shall be taken of:

  • travel expenses of the deceased person, funeral expenses, including those for funerary stone, expenses for religious rituals;
  • the moral damages claimed by family members: spouse, children, parents, brothers, grandparents.

If you were the victim / author of a road accident, the STOICA | Lawyers team may be close to initiating legal misconduct and pending the actual payment of any compensation to you.